Why am I here?

Why AM I here?  “Here” as in this blog, not “here” as in this chair, or house, or city, or state, or world, or so-on…

I’ve been feeling the need to blog!  Not sure what I want to write, or who I want to read it, but I know I have all these thoughts running circles in my head and they need an outlet.  Sometimes they’re witty little observances.  Sometimes just complaints.  Now and again I want to rave about something.  Usually I just want to poke fun about someone or something.

So I guess I am curious to see if anyone will take notice.  I have to try my best to bite my tongue about the real important stuff… you never know when someone will tip off your coworker that you have “blogged” about his or her agonizing habits and quirks.  (Come on, we all work with at least one of THOSE people.)

So who am I?  Just like the title says, I’m just your average blogger.  I am a 29 year-old single female.  I own a home and live alone with my cat. (Don’t worry, I will refrain from getting a second cat, for fear of becoming “the crazy cat-lady.”)  I will also try to refrain from too many of those “aww, you should have seen what Ollie did today…” stories.  Ollie… that’s the cat.  I live in the suburbs of Milwaukee, WI, where I was born and raised.  I have a college education and am an accountant.  My work makes up the majority of my life these days.  I will also try to refrain from too many “Ohhh, rough day at work today.  I need a vacation”-type postings.

That’s my intro.  See?… average.  Now, it’s approaching 10 pm and in my world that means time for bed!  (I really love getting a full night’s sleep.)  Stay tuned for more to come!


~ by angi716 on August 5, 2010.

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