Another Game, Another Win

Had tickets for another Brewer game today.  This time, complimentary tickets from a vendor at work.  Great seats!!  We were in the club level, where all the suites are located.  Wow, those people really live it up in there.  The game was great too…. Brewers won 11-6 and swept the series from the Astro’s.  It was absolutely a beautiful afternoon for baseball in Milwaukee.  (A bit hot actually, but that’s the plus side of the club level…  The hallways are completely air conditioned!)

And another positive… I came out $1.25 ahead in the side game that we play.  Each person chooses one Brewer player.  When your player is up to bat, you collect a quarter from each of the other participants for each base reached on their at-bat.  Single = 25 cents, triple = 75 cents, homerun = $1, and so on.  We don’t care how they got on base, so walks and hit batters count too.  That’s good for the Brewers since our batters get hit by more pitches than any other team.  Ridiculous!!  How could you purposely hit another person like that?  I guess I would never make it as a major league pitcher, because if my coach instructed me to bean the batter, I would have to ignore him.  Then again, I can think of a few hundred other reasons why I wouldn’t make it in the majors!

Tomorrow starts a series against the Diamondbacks and we’ll be at Tuesday’s game.  Let’s hope this winning streak continues!  Go Crew!


~ by angi716 on August 8, 2010.

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