Am I THAT old?

My computer was purchased maybe three years ago… not that long ago, but long enough that it came with a mouse with a roller-ball in it.  I have been thinking that maybe I should at least upgrade to optical… maybe it would improve my Bejeweled score after all!  So I went to Best Buy today to purchase a new mouse.

At work I use an optical mouse that is NOT wireless and I love it!  I never have to scrounge the supply closet for batteries and you will never see me beating my mouse against the desk like many of my cubicle neighbors.  Really, me and wireless are not friends.  I believe in plugging everything in, and voila! it always seems to work.

So the young whippersnapper at Best Buy approached me to see if I needed help finding anything, like they always do in that store, and I explained that I was looking for an optical mouse with a cord. 

“A what?” he says. 

 “Yes, a cord.” 

“Ummm, why would you want that??”

I wanted to say, “Don’t ask why, just tell me where they are!  Maybe I will need to strangle some young whippersnapper with that cord someday!”  But instead I explained the battery fiasco that goes on at work and how I did not want to find myself in that same situation… scoring my all-time highest round of Bejeweled and having the mouse die just seconds before hitting the ultimate detonator!  Ah, the agony!

In the 12 foot section of mouse choices there were exactly two options that had a cord and they had capabilities way beyond the typical mouse.  So I bit the bullet and picked up a wireless.  I bet this is a conspiracy with the battery companies and I have just succumbed to the pressure!


~ by angi716 on August 15, 2010.

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