What the Heck is THAT??

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Anytime I see a particularly weird, or ugly, or gross bug/critter, my first thought is, “Grab the camera so I can show someone else!”  While doing yardwork on Saturday, I came across this guy.  He was at least the size of my middle finger when he was completely stretched out and he could move along at a pretty quick pace.  What the heck is it??  Some kind of caterpillar?  I don’t think I want to see what it morphs into… probably will be the size of a pterodactyl!


I flipped him over with the stick... wanted to see what kind of legs could make him crawl so fast



Another Game, Another Win

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Had tickets for another Brewer game today.  This time, complimentary tickets from a vendor at work.  Great seats!!  We were in the club level, where all the suites are located.  Wow, those people really live it up in there.  The game was great too…. Brewers won 11-6 and swept the series from the Astro’s.  It was absolutely a beautiful afternoon for baseball in Milwaukee.  (A bit hot actually, but that’s the plus side of the club level…  The hallways are completely air conditioned!)

And another positive… I came out $1.25 ahead in the side game that we play.  Each person chooses one Brewer player.  When your player is up to bat, you collect a quarter from each of the other participants for each base reached on their at-bat.  Single = 25 cents, triple = 75 cents, homerun = $1, and so on.  We don’t care how they got on base, so walks and hit batters count too.  That’s good for the Brewers since our batters get hit by more pitches than any other team.  Ridiculous!!  How could you purposely hit another person like that?  I guess I would never make it as a major league pitcher, because if my coach instructed me to bean the batter, I would have to ignore him.  Then again, I can think of a few hundred other reasons why I wouldn’t make it in the majors!

Tomorrow starts a series against the Diamondbacks and we’ll be at Tuesday’s game.  Let’s hope this winning streak continues!  Go Crew!

A Teeny Bit Ashamed

•August 7, 2010 • 1 Comment

So, I have to admit that I am a bit ashamed to say that I have been faithfully patronizing the local BP gasoline stations all summer long.  Not sure if this is just in WI or if they do this elsewhere, but for each time you fill up with 8 gallons or more you can collect a stamp from BP.  Once you have six stamps, you redeem them for one free Brewers baseball ticket.  There are a dozen or so games through-out the season that you can redeem for.   We have a group of four of us that have been collecting stamps and redeeming tickets all summer long.  By the end of July, we had secured tickets for all four of us to all of the available games.  On top of all these free games, we have been buying tickets just about anytime a good deal comes up.  I’ve been to about 10 games so far this season and have tickets for another 10 or 12 games. 

I can’t exactly pinpoint the draw, but I just love seeing the Brew Crew live in action.  To me, it’s American, it’s wholesome, it’s family-friendly, it’s summertime in Milwaukee… The smell of brats being grilled, serious parking lot bean-bag tosses, striving to appear on the jumbo-tron, the crunch of peanut shells underfoot, high-fiving the stranger next to you when your team clenches a win with a bottom of the ninth walk-off homerun!

I saw a great game tonight.  We trailed for the majority of the night, but only by a few runs. Then, in the bottom of the ninth, down by three, we made a comeback for the win!  Fireworks, cheering, Bernie’s victory slide, and 33,952 happy fans.  (Ok, I did see a few Houston fans in attendance, so let’s call it an even 33,900 happy fans… don’t want to exaggerate!) 

Getting back to my point about the shame… it sickens me to see all that is lost due to the oil spill in the gulf and I really am looking forward to the day that I can sever my loyalty… Aug 30th to be exact!  Until next spring anyway :-\

Why am I here?

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Why AM I here?  “Here” as in this blog, not “here” as in this chair, or house, or city, or state, or world, or so-on…

I’ve been feeling the need to blog!  Not sure what I want to write, or who I want to read it, but I know I have all these thoughts running circles in my head and they need an outlet.  Sometimes they’re witty little observances.  Sometimes just complaints.  Now and again I want to rave about something.  Usually I just want to poke fun about someone or something.

So I guess I am curious to see if anyone will take notice.  I have to try my best to bite my tongue about the real important stuff… you never know when someone will tip off your coworker that you have “blogged” about his or her agonizing habits and quirks.  (Come on, we all work with at least one of THOSE people.)

So who am I?  Just like the title says, I’m just your average blogger.  I am a 29 year-old single female.  I own a home and live alone with my cat. (Don’t worry, I will refrain from getting a second cat, for fear of becoming “the crazy cat-lady.”)  I will also try to refrain from too many of those “aww, you should have seen what Ollie did today…” stories.  Ollie… that’s the cat.  I live in the suburbs of Milwaukee, WI, where I was born and raised.  I have a college education and am an accountant.  My work makes up the majority of my life these days.  I will also try to refrain from too many “Ohhh, rough day at work today.  I need a vacation”-type postings.

That’s my intro.  See?… average.  Now, it’s approaching 10 pm and in my world that means time for bed!  (I really love getting a full night’s sleep.)  Stay tuned for more to come!